Sharon Ainsberg as Contributor to Coveteur

Sharon has contributed multiple editorials to Coveteur, on topics ranging from Travel, Fashion and Home, to Politics, Health and Career. Follow the links below to check them out!

► When Stephanie Met Sharon

How To Pack So You Never Have To Check A Bag

Why May is for Mothers

Bohemian Rhapsody 

In Light Of It All

A Love Letter To Mexico

2017: Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

Seeking “Warm And Fuzzy” Now More Than Ever

The More Women In Power, The More Women In Power

Stress Management 101

The Five Qualities Of A Good Leader


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Allison Tells Elizabeth Street Her Mom Essentials

As a fashion and entertainment executive and new mom (her daughter, Liv, is 13-months-old), we can only imagine how busy the past year has been for Allison Oleskey. But as the co-founder of SHO+CO, a boutique agency specializing in celebrity and influencer initiatives, we are certain that she has mastered the art of juggling lots of demands on her time.


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Sharon Spotted by for "Transitional Spring Dressing"

Winter is over — and the 50-degree weather, vibrant pops of color, and sudden need to sneeze, give us a peek of the sunny season ahead. While it’s not quite warm enough to bare all of our limbs just yet, we’ve entered the grace period called “transitional dressing,” when the first batch of spring pieces that have been hiding in closets finally appear alongside some lingering cold-weather favorites. Anything’s fair game: fur coats, thin jackets, cuffed jeans, tights, sandals, and sneaker wedges, even when they’re all worn together. So we sent the Cut’s photographer, Bek Andersen, to capture stylish  mix-and-match looks from the week. Click through the slideshow to get some inspiration for weekend outfits — you’ll probably be itching for a nice new pair of sunglasses by time you’re done.

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The Coveteur covets Allison’s taste

We first met Allison Oleskey in Los Angeles a short while ago (when we were invited to her house to attend an Oscar viewing party). She began her career in PR and talent management working at BWR Public Relations. From there, she toyed around with a few companies and ended up in the publishing world heading over to Harper’s Bazaar as the special projects director. She joined Starworks in 2002 and recently, along with her style guru and best friend Sharon Ainsberg (who is a proud graduate of The Coveteur High) launched SHO & CO., a bi-coastal fashion, lifestyle and entertainment agency specializing in celebrity and influencer casting and integration for global brands.

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Sharon Answers Fashion’s Tough Questions on Fashion we like

Sharon Ainsberg is the co-founder of SHO + Company, a fashion, lifestyle and entertainment agency. With offices in New York and Los Angeles, SHO + Company specializes in celebrity and influencer integration for global brands.

Q: We will never see you wearing…
A: Crocs. Ever. Not even for gardening. Not even if I become a professional chef (no offense to super hottie Jamie Oliver if he is a Croc-wearer).

Q: Please describe your style in three words.
A: Philo-Marant lovechild.

Q: What is the biggest mistake one can make when getting dressed?
A: Trying to make something fit that clearly doesn’t.

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